Friday, May 4, 2018

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Hawaii School of True Science Academy

Providing Teaching & Tutoring Services for

Home School Students in Maui

      All STEM Subjects.

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Sample of Courses Offered

Our home school services are based on scientific based facts, and never on false
"evolutionary" teachings. Scientists today* who accept the biblical account of creation

We utilize Apologia based textbooks and studies. ( Parents purchase text book on line.


We could use your own textbook, if you prefer. However it must not have any "evolution" based teachings, or if it does, you must allow us to teach biblical based teachings based on true science, and based on our research. (We will use Apologia based textbooks to invalidate arguments against evolution).

Can hold group classes - One to Two hours per week to complete textbook in 7 to 8 months. (Two chapters per month).

Experiments are separate.

All experiments suggested by the textbook can be done by parents, if desired. Most experiments do not require expert supervision.

However, If you want us to teach and or perform experiments assigned in the textbook, we will do that as a second part of the course, after the theory has been completed.

Please add one and a half hour per week/ per experiment. Experiments can be completed in two months. Not all experiments will be carried out.

In a Home School environment, a 16 chapter or module (no experiments) in chemistry or physics textbook from can be completed in as little as (5) months with (2)  hours per week of lessons.

Students MUST read chapters, or modules ahead of class in order to benefit fully of the home school method of learning.

Previous teaching experience

Excellent experience. Home schooled godly oriented parents / students in Florida, Hawaii and South America- in all STEM subjects.

Former Part time professor at UH.


Note that all home schooled students must obtain previous authorization from their school district and or state of Hawaii in order to be schooled at home.

You must do that before they start home school classes.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The World Crisis in Education

"A theory that can explain anything and everything, no matter how contradictory, really isn’t science". "Evolution is not a conclusion drawn from observations. It is an ideology to which observations are applied when convenient and ignored when not". (Prof. Giertych, 1999).

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Why Evolution Should NOT Be Taught to Younger Kids

The Internet has turned out to be a disposable dump of everyone’s thoughts. It has become the prolific distributor of the most fundamental lies that mankind could have ever dreamed of - the evolution of humans. It has made it easier to non (God) believers to expose all of their unproven ideas while being applauded and becoming undeservedly popular for their views.

Today in the 21st century, it is no longer hyped to believe in a law giving God. It is totally non-acceptable and uncouth to publish godly literature and to believe in a loving God. Instead, it is most widely popular, and accepted the idea that there is no God and that you came from a primate, a beast that although hardly related to humans genetically, it is nevertheless accepted as your common ancestor. (McFarland, 2017). Yet, everyone is afraid to challenge such preposterousness. Even, the most "educated" teachers. Why ?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Which theory accurately predicts Earth's magnetic field ?

Is the Earth’s magnetic field increasing or decreasing

If so, what difference does it make in the age of the Earth ? 



Image courtesy of Wikipedia,'s_magnetic_field

Two Theories

There are two existing theories that are trying to define the Earth’s current electrical field and its origins. One is the "Dynamo" theory, while the other is the "Rapid-Decay" theory. The Dynamo theory for whatever reason is the most popular and most accepted theory by some “scientists” today. However, it does not predict the numbers accurately.

The Rapid-Decay theory, predicts the electrical field accurately, it is the most factual and proven theory of today.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Astronomy and Physics Speak volumes of the Truth

True Wisdom in True Science

Astronomy and the Laws of Physics

Danny R. Faulkner, PhD who earned graduate degrees in physics and astronomy and taught at the University of South Carolina Lancaster for over 26 years said in one his lectures :“The God issue is not an intellectual one but rather one issue of the heart”.

Indeed, despite the FACT that we have all the evidence to show that a Creator, The God of the Bible was the originator of life, it is self-evident that, “The God issue is not an intellectual one but rather one issue of the heart”.

What about the Big Bang and the CMB theory ?

What about the Big Bang "Theory" and the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) ?

 The Cosmic Microwave Background, CMB radiation theory that "testifies" to this Big Bang theory is being constantly questioned by new findings.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, a prominent scientists said: “Though it purports to explain observed phenomena, the big bang requires one to rationalize an immense field of accumulating anomalies, forcing cosmologists to devote most of their time to inventing ways around the contradictions by introducing purely theoretical constructs like dark matter, dark energy, black holes and much more.” (Ho, 2015).

Home School Services

Hawaii School of True Science Academy Providing Teaching & Tutoring Services for Home School Students in Maui       All STEM Su...